What is the difference between a Homedics Air Purifier and a HAS Equipment Air Purifier?

HAS v Hometics article

What is an Air Purifier and why do you need one?

Over the past year and a half, the importance of clean air and taking care of our health and wellbeing has become paramount. Air Purifiers have begun to show their value, with businesses and individuals investing in the technology as an extra layer of protection against Coronavirus.

An Air Purifier does exactly that, the unit draws in ‘dirty’ air, which may have allergens, viruses, pollutants and toxins within it. There is then a process involved within the mechanism of the Air Purifier, this is specific to the manufacturer and product itself due to what is involved in this process, where the ‘dirty’ air is purified and returns into the room as ‘cleaner’ air.

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Features of the “Homedics Air Purifier” VS “HAS Equipment Air Purifier”

For this comparison, we have taken the Hextio from our range of Radic8 VIRUSKILLER Air Purifiers1, and the Homedics Air Purifier Model: AR-10A-GB2 to contrast.

Room Size:

The Hextio is a personal sized unit for spaces up to 20m² with a flow rate of 12 – 20 CFM(cubic feet per minute), it is portable in its unique carry case, with battery pack so you can take it with you – on public transport or to work. Or used in a static situation for small rooms such as bedrooms and home offices.

The Homedics Air Purifier can be used in bedrooms and other smaller spaces, with a capacity of purifying air in a room at 55m²/hr (based on 2.5m room height).

Method of Air Purification:

The Hextio, and the entire range of Radic8 VIRUSKILLER Air Purifiers, use a three stages purification and decontamination process. The Hextio used a HEPA Filter to trap any smaller particles and allergens, and then uses an activated carbon filter to trap any smoke, allergens or VOC’s(volatile organic compounds). The Hextio’s third and most important process uses a UVC reactor chamber which safely decontaminates 99.9999% of viruses and biological pathogens in a single pass through the unit.

In comparison, the Homedics Air Purifier uses only a HEPA filter to eliminate allergens and particles which are in the air.

Benefit of Hextio:

For £200+VAT, the Hextio provides portable air decontamination and purification. The Air Purifier can also be used in an office or bedside, which makes it the perfect individual unit. In a single pass, air is rid of allergens, viruses, bacteria and pollutants.

Benefit of Homedics:

For £79.99, the Homedics model AR-10A-GB uses a HEPA filter to eliminate 99.97% of allergens and particles.

How HAS Equipment can help you

Whether you are an individual who is trying to protect your family, or a business owner trying to navigate what is best for your staff and customers – we can help at HAS Equipment.

If you choose to wear a face mask after 19th July, we offer a range of face masks which not only prevent virus particles from reaching your airways, but they also capture and disable viruses including Covid-19.

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  • 50x more wearable then single use masks
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We also offer a range of air sanitisation and hygiene equipment which are designed to provide reassurance and safety indoors – during this pandemic and beyond. Air quality, indoor hygiene and safety are our top priorities, and we can help you achieve those things too.

Our range of Air Sanitiser Equipment neutralise and decontaminate spaces, whilst deactivating 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria. They also work together to create air filtration systems perfect for any size of business or home.

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If you are interested in any of the products we have to offer or would just like to talk through how we could help you – pick up the phone and talk to our team about a bespoke solution for your home or business, someone is always on hand to help.

HAS Equipment Telephone Number: 01637 520130

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  2. https://www.homedics.co.uk/homedics-professional-hepa-air-purifier-ar-10a/

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